iCloud Photo and Images

With the iCloud, your photos and videos sharing with the people you want to see them becomes really easy. You can create a shared album and your friends and family can be invited to add their photos and videos. Now you can store all your photos and videos in the iCloud Photo library, in beta, and you can access them from any Apple device you are using and on iCloud.com.

Using iCloud photo library, you can keep your photos and videos organized into across all your iOS devices and even on the web. All your photos are automatically uploaded in the cloud and every change you make to your photos are uploaded to iCloud and visible on other devices. This iCloud Photo article will help you out with how to access iCloud photo from your PC.


Go through though these steps in order to access iCloud Photo from your PC:

  1. Open your web browser and enter this link: www.icloud.com/icloudcontrolpanel. And you’ll be directed to the site where you can download the iCloud Control Panel.
  2. In order to download, click on the blue “Download” button and wait to finish the downloading process.
  3. Then, click the downloaded file to start the installation process. You can file the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser or in your Default Download file.
  4. After the installation has finished, you can find the program’s shortcut icon in your desktop.
  5. Launch iCloud by just clicking on its icon in the Start menu or on your desktop.
  6. You will have to enter your Apple ID in the given field.
  7. Enter your associated password in the password input field.
  8. Then, open iTunes.
  9. To check photos, click on My computer in your Start menu.
  10. You can see a new category added in the My Computer menu: Others category which will now have the iCloud Photos menu.
  11. Finally, click on this category to access your iCloud photos on your PC.

iCloud Review 2015

As the trend of cloud storage and cloud – based media service were rapidly increasing, it was no surprise when Apple released iCloud services. The iCloud services was published with a primary objective to provide a seamless integration to all its product lines. Although, Apple’s iCloud service has been around for a while, it might still seem like a confusing term for those of you who aren’t already on Apple’s system. But, those of you who are, know that iCloud is top notch.

iCloud Review

iCloud works like a personal drive in the cloud, where the users can store documents, music, photos, videos and so on. Where iCloud really stands out is; it allows the users to upload any new or edited file to one device, which can be automatically synced to rest of the devices in an instant. Meanwhile, other cloud storage services only allow you to access the stored file on the cloud.


The iCloud can store almost any kind of file, however, there are special programs to make the best of your data, media files and files of other kinds. Data files for one, can be used or managed properly with the Apple’s iWork apps: Keynote, Page and numbers. It is best to manage your media files with iTunes as iCloud was designed to integrate with the media player without any hassle.

Apple’s iCloud service is naturally designed to connect with all the Apple devices and can sync smoothly between them, which includes all Mac and iOS devices. But, to the great surprise, windows based personal computer can also be connected with iCloud. It is possible to access the iCloud accout web interface with virtually any browser.

iCloud like Apple has made a reputation for over the years, is sleek smooth and sophisticated. Although, cloud services are generally easy to navigate, iCloud is in the simplest form possible. Customer satisfaction has always been a main motto for Apple, and the company has never failed to provide customers with satisfaction answers to their queries about iCloud use, troubleshooting assistance and so on.

Apple has always strives for perfection and has always delighted the world with its sophisticated services. iCloud is in the long list of near perfected service from Apple, which is easy to use, makes it easy to store and sync between devices and comes with great customer service from the company.