Que Es iCloud

iCloud.com is official site of Apple’s cloud storage service i.e. iCloud. It is originally American and the whole site is available in English language. But for the convenience of the users and customers who speaks Spanish, icloud.com is available in Spanish language too.

Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the whole wide world. There are 500 million+ Spanish speakers in the world as a first and second language. 25% of the population in the United States speak spanish language. So, it is very much wise decision by iCloud to have the website in Spanish. www.apple.com/es/ is a web address to view the website in spanish language.


Que Es iCloud is a keyword to have every page of the site in Spanish language. It is like a cheat code in video games and computer games. But only Apple’s website is available in Spanish language. You cannot have icloud.com or itunes.com in Spanish language. You can only view Apple’s website in Spanish language.

Hope apple.com along with icloud.com and itunes.com will be available in Spanish and other languages such as Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, etc. ‘Que es’ literally means ‘which is’ in English language. Everything in icloud.com i.e. the default website and que es icloud is same. All the features and user-interface is same in both.

icloud login page is same. The only thing that is different is the language. https://www.apple.com/es/ is the web address for Spanish version of apple.com.

iCloud Storage Upgrades and Downgrades

Apple’s iCloud is one of the best cloud backup services among all. You automatically get 5 GB of free storage service when you sign up for iCloud. You need to buy extra storage and upgrade your iCloud space if 5 GB is little for you. Plus you have to keep in mind that your purchased music, movies, TV shows, books, apps and photo streams don’t fall under the free storage.

If you have already bought plans of 20 GB or more, then you can even downgrade it anytime you want. This means both upgrade and downgrade of iCloud storage is possible. You can buy 20 GB plan to replace your previous 10 GB plan. You can downgrade your 20 GB plan to 10 GB plan. When you do that, your existing storage plan is cancelled and you will be charged with the new cost for the upgraded plan.


Upgrade iCloud Storage

iOS 5 or Later

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Tap Storage & Backup under iCloud.
  3. Tap “Buy More Storage” or “Change Storage Plan”.
  4. Choose an upgrade, then tap Buy button.
  5. Now enter your Apple ID and password to complete iCloud login process.


  1. Choose Apple menu and System Preferences. Then click on iCloud.
  2. Click Manage in the lower-right hand side of the page.
  3. Tap on Storage Plan from the topmost right corner.
  4. Choose an upgrade, then click on Next.
  5. Enter your Apple ID and Password to confirm.


  1. First open iCloud Control Panel.
  2. Then click Manage section.
  3. Click “Change Storage Plan”.
  4. Choose and Upgrade, then click Next.
  5. Enter your Apple ID and Password.

These are the basic steps for upgrading iCloud storage in different platforms like Windows, OS X and iOS. Just pay for what you want. Check out the pricing system in your country thoroughly and enjoy iCloud service. Go to iCloud.com for more information.

iCloud Pages for Creating Documents

Using iCloud.com, you can do lot of interesting stuffs from your computer online. You do not need software like Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc to create new documents. If you have an iCloud account, then you can create word document, flyer, etc from iCloud Pages section.


How To Use iCloud Pages?

  1. First of all, go to www.icloud.com from your browser. Make sure internet connection is doing well.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and Password on first & second field respectively for iCloud login.
  3. Now click on ‘Pages’ icon with a picture of a pen in it. Wait while page is loading.
  4. Click on Create document link in order to create a new one.
  5. You can choose from different templates already available there to use.
  6. Before you begin, make sure what are you going to create. There are templates for Reports, Letters, Resumes, Envelopes, Business Cards, Flyers & Posters, Cards, Newsletter and last but not the least Miscellaneous.
  7. Scroll and check thoroughly. Double-click on the one that you like. Again wait a while system is creating a new document.

How To Create a Document?

  1. After you double click on the template you like, this will open a new tab, a document which is editable.
  2. From the topmost left hand side of the page, choose the page size. By default, page size is 125%. Change as per your need.
  3. Click on any text or object to change it.
  4. Adding an image is very easy. Just drag an image that you like from anywhere you want and drop it on the image that you want to change.
  5. On the right hand side of the page, there are 3 tabs: Style, Text and Arrange. You can change the text style like creating shadow effect, border, reflection, etc. Arrange tab will let you change alignment, if you are looking for text wrap, etc.
  6. Place object, table, graph as per your need.

You do not need to save the document. iCloud will automatically save the document on the cloud storage in real-time. This way you can hide your documents using iCloud pages.

How To Report iCloud Mail Issue?

iCloud mail is one of the best options to receive and send email messages. username@icloud.com, username@apple.com are the email addresses that you can get from Apple. While you are using iCloud mail, there may occur many issues and problems regarding icloud email. icloud down, server down, site block are some of the common problems. Check your internet connection properly, make sure the browser you are using works well.

report icloud mail issue

If there is any issues in iCloud mail, then you can report it than to just sit and wait. It is one of the easy ways to fix the problem. Notify and report Apple about the issues that are bothering you such as a bug at icloud.com, POP or IMAP problems, etc.

How To Report an iCloud Bug or Issue?

  1. First thing first, check the iCloud system status. Check whether iCloud Mail is working is working or not.
  2. If your problem is not listed in that at all, fill and send iCloud Feedback form. In order to send your feedback.
  3. In order to send feedback, enter your Name, Email Address, Subject and your comments. Choose Feedback Type from the drop-down menu. Fill out all the options that are required.
  4. Include a one-line summary of the problem under Subject. Make sure you select Mail under Feedback Type.
  5. Honestly include your problem and what you expected to happen and what happened instead.
  6. Finally hit the Submit Feedback button.

This is how you can report icloud mail issue. Technical team from iCloud makes sure that every report is taken seriously and every problems are taken into consideration. If iCloud Mail has stopped working, delivering mail or loading in your browser with any swiftness, it could be a problem at the server end. Before you start troubleshooting, you can find out whether Apple are aware of—and working to resolve—any issues with iCloud Mail.

Top 5 iCloud Diet Apps For Calorie Intake

iTunes and Apple Store is most probably the store with most number of applications related to everything. You have a wide range of apps to choose from to download on to your Apple device. First of all you need an Apple, iCloud or iTunes account to start. If you are very cautious about your health and diet, then you need iCloud diet apps. What these smart app does is that it take cares and keeps track of your calorie intake.

Exercise is a different thing. You should also watch out how much you eat. I know it is not possible to manage all the nutrition. That is why these icloud diet apps come in handy. There are apps that can track down nutrients you have swallowed, some gives you healthy recipes.

List of Top 5 iCloud Diet Apps:

  1. MyNetDiary
    Calorie Counter Pro by MyNetDiary is probably the best diet apps in iCloud. This very app will help you loose your weight and will help you achieve your healthy eating habit. It is the number one food database in the world. You can find a built-in bar-code scanner. Track up your water intake, daily and weekly analysis for improving and eating more healthy foods are some of the features.
  2. Fooducate
    The app is more interesting than it sounds. Fooducate is 12.9 MB in size. Scan a product i.e. food barcode to see what is really in your food. The app will show you healthier and tastier alternatives. You can check the food’s nutrition grade from A to D after the scan. Another interesting stuff about Fooducate is that you can discover ingredients like MSG, GMO, high fructose, excessive fats that manufacturers don’t want you to notice.
  3. Foodily Recipes
    Find and share delicious and healthy recipes with Foodily. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which requires iOS 6 or later. You can even share your own recipes with pictures and even search for easy recipes and get daily recipes from top chefs.
  4. Lose It!
    The app is mainly designed for weight loss and as a calorie counter. Lose It! will help you set a daily calorie budget, track your food and exercise, all at once. You get a customized  weight loss plan with this that fits your life totally. You can download this app for free.
  5. Weight Watchers Mobile
    Weight Watchers help you make smarter food choices with featured healthier recipes with shopping lists and interactive Cheat Sheets. You can also read health news, exercise info, success stories and weight-loss tips, all from the app.

These are the list of top 5 icloud diet apps. If you want to download iOS business apps on your Apple devices, then you can do that too.

iCloud Two-Step Authentication Factor

After the introduction of Heartbleed to the world, whole internet world was threatened. Heartbleed, basically is a security bug in Open SSL cryptographic software library. The problem of this was more like buffer over-read where software would allow more data to be read than should be allowed.

Every possible login sites in the internet suggested the users to be more cautious and change their password. As a result came ‘Two-step Authentication Factor’. This is the most discussed security system in the internet world now. The importance of iCloud Two-Step Authentication Factor is that it will make identity theft and cracking more difficult than before.


How To Set-Up iCloud Two-Step Authentication Factor

  1. Sign in to iCloud Account from any device that you are using.
  2. Select your Username and Go to ‘Account Settings‘.
  3. Choose your Apple ID which will open your Apple ID page in a new tab.
  4. Now select ‘Manage your Apple ID’. You have to sign in again to proceed.
  5. Click on ‘Passwords and Security’ once you are in.
  6. In order to continue, click on the ‘Get Started’ button under ‘Two-Step verification for Apple ID’.
  7. Now you have to go through 4-step processes to verify your Two-Step Authentication.
  8. Add your genuine phone number. Verification code will be sent to the provided phone number.
  9. Enter that Verification code on the corresponding field and hit ‘Verify’.
  10. You can even add more than one contact number if you want so that Apple can send the verification code by SMS or push notifications.
  11. Follow the steps and print your recovery key. Recovery key is the one you can use to unlock your iCloud account if you do not have access to verification code yet.
  12. Finally enable ‘Two-Step Verification‘.

iCloud two step authentication is very easy and self-explanatory, but if you still have any questions or problems regarding this or forgotten password, then you can go to Help or Support section of iCloud.com.

Why should I use two-step verification with my Apple ID?

Your Apple ID is the key to many things you do with Apple. It’s important that only you have the ability to access your account details, update your password, or make iTunes and App Store purchases with your account. Two-step verification is a feature you can use to keep your Apple ID and personal information as secure as possible.

For your information, iCloud two step verification is available in 50 nations including India.

Create an iCloud Email Alias

An email alias is basically another email address which hides your actual email address from the receiver. It may not sound quiet important, iCloud email alias is what you need when you are purchasing items from any online stores, registering online for any websites, signing up for mailing lists, etc. iCloud email alias helps to detect the sources of unwanted emails.


Email Alias for iCloud is full of features. You can have maximum of 3 active email aliases. You can deactivate or delete an email alias if you do not want to use it anymore. All you have to do is just turn off the email alias option on your iPhone after you are done making purchase. This helps you get rid off the advertisers follow-up or spams. For permanent deletion of alias, you can just delete it. But if you think you might want to use the alias later, you can simply turn it off.

Steps to Create an iCloud Email Alias

  1. Go to iCloud Mail, then choose Preferences from the pop-up Action menu from the sidebar.
  2. Tap or Click ‘Accounts’.
  3. Click on “Add an alias“.
  4. Type in username that you want for alias@icloud.com. The characters must be between 3-20 characters.
  5. Enter your full name on the next field.
  6. Now choose the Label and Label color as a next step.
  7. Hit OK button and click ‘Done’.

Deativating, Reactivating, Deleting or Changing an Alias

  1. In iCloud Mail, choose Preferences from the Action pop-up menu  in the sidebar.

  2. Click ‘Accounts’.
  3. Choose the alias from the Address list.
  4. In order to change the name or label, just type in a new alias name and label.
  5. Select the option “Disable Alias.” to turn off an alias.
  6. To delete and alias, click Delete.

The interesting thing about turned off alias is that, all the emails addressed to that alias are returned to the sender. Once you have created an icloud login email alias, it cannot be made into its own account. Email Aliases are not transferable.

Note:   If you had five MobileMe email address aliases when you moved your account to iCloud, you retain the five aliases. However, once you delete one of your five aliases, you can’t create a new one to replace it.

How To Upload Photos To iCloud

The apple is one most giant technological vendor till date. Its unique devices and services makes the company more stronger , profitable and globally acceptable. We can find its product completely different from others in case of designing , graphics and implementing latest technologies. The icloud is the one lasted services offered by apple to its registered device owner. Simple it was based on cloud computing technology. Before we proceed further first we have to understand the term “cloud computing”, in a general sense all data (documents, music, pictures) and different programs with different working purposes are stored on “cloud” by users and service providers as well.

How to Upload Photos to iCloud

Through this article we will discuss about the procedure of uploading and photos over icloud and  also the live photo streaming. There is complete package available for the storage and streaming photos in any apple devices. you have to use the ‘my photo stream’ for all pictures related activities. The icon will automatically upload your photos from device to icloud account so that you can stream these photos on the other devices as well. First of all enable this feature in your device, for that you have to the application setting, then icloud and finally photo stream, once you enabled this feature this will import all your device picture to your icloud account. While enabling this feature there should be tick sign on check-box and make sure that to proceed further.


This is the basic steps on how to upload photos to icloud.com. The camera application are based on internet in apple device, as soon the photos is taken it will upload to the destination according to your device setting. Once the pictures are uploaded on icloud they will stay there for next thirty days, which let you provide sufficient time for downloading them. To view these streamed photos late different apple devices have different simple procedures, in iPhone you can simply find them in the photos application under the ‘my photo stream‘ and in mac the photos can be viewed from ‘my photos‘ section. So turn on ‘photo stream‘ and download frequently the important pictures, if this featured was turned off, the photos will automatically be removed from the device.

When you enable My Photo Stream on your devices, all new photos you take or import to those devices will be automatically added to your photo stream.

  • Macs: Any new photos that you import to iPhoto or Aperture will automatically upload if you have an internet connection. Or you can also change your iPhoto or Aperture preferences so that only photos you manually add to My Photo Stream are uploaded.
  • PC with iCloud Control Panel 2.1 or later: Open a Windows Explorer window and under Favorites select iCloud Photos if you are using iCloud Control Panel 3.0 or later (or Photo Stream if you are using 2.1 to 2.1.3). Open My Photo Stream. Click the “Add photos” button. Select the photos to import to My Photo Stream, then click Open.
  • iOS devices: New photos you take are automatically uploaded to your photo stream when you leave the Camera app and are connected to internet. My Photo Stream does not push photos over cellular connections.